Of Many Firsts…

As a first-generation college student from the University of Florida (UF), I have many goals for my future. My dreams stem from the support of my family and the expectations I have set for myself.

I wanted to see the world, get exposed, and obtain a wider cultural perspective. I wanted a program that would challenge me personally and professionally; needless to say, Heavener Business School’s study abroad internship program is a perfect fit to quench my thirst to see the world outside my comfort zone. This brought me to Vietnam…

At 15,000 kms away from home, I am having many firsts in my life. First time outside of United States, first internship, and definitely first time to be in a real-deal Asian work environment.

Axis Group, a market research agency, took me in. But unlike many internship programs in the US where it is very structured and roles are very limited due to “inexperience”, my assignments in Axis are things that actually affect the outcomes of their projects. Nothing is theory, but all practical experiences.

I had to learn to be flexible and adapt to changing responsibilities – from assisting in the website development to enhancing a project presentation for a potential client.

I love these challenges because they make me excited to go to work and always keeps me on my toes. Also, Axis gives me the opportunity to make meaningful relationships with everyone.

Axis has a very open setting where everyone can easily communicate with one another, even up to our CEO and Director. It is a unique situation as an intern to be able to converse with important people in your company and to be heard by them as well. I find this experience to be very empowering, as my voice as well as my work, does matter to the company and the people I work with.

Vietnam in general has a friendly atmosphere; working environment has flexible structure and everyone in our office has driven mentality. While each country has its own work culture, Vietnam offered me a way to appreciate what each one brings to the table and see how I can incorporate this into my life.

Not to shabby for my many firsts.


Amy is a Junior student taking Bachelors of Science in Business Administrations majoring in Information Systems at the University of Florida. Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Amy enjoys volunteering, seeing live music, and trying new things.

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